..Please call for a quote.
.PD 1000 (EB or IB) $225.00
.PD 1020 (EB or IB) $225.00
.PD 1040 (EB or IB) $225.00
.PD 2000 (EB or IB) $375.00
.PD 2030 (EB or IB) $375.00
.PD 3000 (EB or IB) $225.00
.PD 4100UV (EB or IB) $250.00
.Spare Battery $8.00
.NG-1 $20.00
.NG-3 $20.00
.NG-4 $20.00
.NG-5 $20.00
.NG-9 $20.00
.NG-10 $20.00
.NG-11 $20.00
.NG-12 $20.00
.GG = Ground Glass $10.00
.OG = Opal Glass $10.00


You may place your order by:
Telephone: (734) 994-0351
Facsimile: (734) 994-1013
Mail: Precision Applied Science 4831 Hidden Brook Ln Ann Arbor, MI 48105


All phone orders should be followed by a hard copy, clearly identified as a confirmation. A Facsimile is acceptable.


For efficient processing of your order, the following information is required:

Your Purchase Order Number: This number should be available when placing telephone orders, or clearly identified on written orders. Use a different purchase order number for each order.

Billing Address: This address must include the name of the company or person paying the invoice and the department or mail stop to which the invoice should be addressed.

Shipping Address: This is the address the equipment will be shipped to. The department, mail stop, and name of the requisitioner should be given.

Name of Contact: Include the full name and phone number of the person to contact regarding your order.

Method of Shipment: We will ship goods by the method requested. If a carrier is not identified, we ship U.P.S. Ground.

Quantity: Include the quantity and units for each item.

Model Number: Include the model number.

Description: A brief description of each item helps ensure you receive the correct equipment.


Prices and Terms: All prices are F.O.B. Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A. The prices listed are for the U.S. only, and are subject to change without notice.

Quotes: We provide written quotes valid for 30 days.

Technical Information: We are available to answer your technical questions, help you design a system to meet your needs, or demonstrate our products to you.

Change Orders: Changes or cancellations should be phoned immediately, followed by a written confirmation. The original purchase order number and order date are needed. We cannot accept return of custom orders. Undelivered custom orders are subject to a cancellation fee which covers material and work already expended.